Following is a partial list of clients with which we have, or had, a full consulting relationship, a strategic alliance with other consultants, and/or a staff development engagement.

Bank performance is dependent upon the management team and the board of directors; each plays a key role in the success of the institution. The management team and board of a community bank needs to be ingrained in the market area it plans to serve, so that the bank can reach broad and deep into that community. This may require people to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone. Not everyone is a born leader-but even learned leadership and marketing skills of the stakeholders will do more to enhance bank performance than anything else. The testimonials below are from leaders who obtained a bank charter and now are well on their way to success.

"It is no exaggeration to state that we could not have accomplished this task without his organization skills, guidance, and counsel."

"Wendell was an important part of helping our Organizer group come together successfully. He demonstrated both leadership and focus in directing a rather disparate group of people through the beginning stages of a project that none of us but he understood."

"His ability to direct and focus our efforts was extremely valuable. We appreciated his project management skills which enabled us to stay on track for a timely approval."

"I believe him to be a valuable asset to any group wanting to start a bank. He has a solid understanding of navigating the regulatory process. He works well with a variety of people from different backgrounds and can help them form a strong team."