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Starting a bank an idea?  Then read on...


The process of starting a de novo bank can be daunting. Our job is to help you navigate the course, by working closely with you and your management team as you prepare the bank application. This application, with all its details and moving parts, is a massive project: it includes two main sections, public and confidential, and many subsections within each. Often an application can total 2200 pages of information or more. And every bit of this information is read and examined thoroughly by the regulators.

Typically, the completion of the application alone can take several months. The regulatory examination period, which precedes the granting of the charter and insurance certificate, adds another several months to the process. Realistically, your start-up process could take 12 months or more.

Navigating through this process efficiently requires the assistance of experienced professionals who know how to navigate the maze. Our services are designed around the goal of crossing the finish line. We have successfully assisted several clients in their efforts to cross that finish line, and we will do the same for you.

If you are already looking towards the finish line of opening your bank-let us help you cross it successfully.
Our goal is to help our clients Build Smarter Banks.TM We do this with a broad range of services that match your specialized needs. Banks are as different as the people who run them; all have different needs. Some bankers or individuals want to start a new bank, others want to buy a bank, and still others just need a more effective marketing plan to help their bank grow.

Our approach is this: We begin by discovering your needs. Then we'll find, develop, and implement the best strategy to make your venture profitable and successful.

De Novo Banks:
If you are looking to start a bank, let us help you start a smarter bank. You already know that the process of starting a new bank can be daunting. Just knowing where to begin is a major discovery! In every project, there are opportunities that create choices and directions for the bank. With our guidance and leadership, we help you identify the opportunities and make the right choices, so that you provide your bank project with a solid start towards success.

There are three major aspects or parts to opening de novo bank: the organization process, the regulatory examination/approval, and the capital raise.

During the organization phase, we assist with obtaining a qualified management team, including president/CEO, cashier/CFO, chief credit officer/chief lending officer and organizers. We will also help the group find a location for the bank to operate from once it is opened. We work closely with the bank's management team to assist with the compilation and writing of the bank's business plan, application, and supporting documentation. These supporting documents include pro forma financial statements, policies and procedures, marketing plan, contracts, and the many other items required by state and federal regulators. This documentation is typically extensive; the completed application can have more than 2200 pages. And this is just one aspect of the multifaceted organization process.

Consider us the GPS that will guide you through the most efficient route to your final goal-the open doors of your bank!

We would be happy to discuss your ideas and opportunity in greater detail. Simply call us or go to our Contact Us page and send us your information; we will be happy to assist by listening and responding to your ideas.