Strategic Issues

Whether you are starting a de novo bank or working hard to improve the bank you currently have, we can create strategies to help you meet your goals. At De Novo Strategy, we study the same issues that concern examiners-allowing for the development of strategies that keep your bank out of trouble, while adding to the bottom line. This dual focus is crucial, because it's just not getting any easier to manage a bank successfully. The regulatory burden gets heavier each year, which makes it increasingly difficult to add profits to the bottom line. While we cannot guarantee that our strategies will be profitable (it would be very unprofessional of us to do so) we can guarantee that our time spent together will be valuable to you.

Critical Issues Bankers Are Facing
We believe some of the important issues facing banks today include:
    • Strategic Examination Issues
    • Strategic Marketing Plans
    • Strategic Product Development
    • Strategic Policy Enhancements

Plus, the number of C&D orders is rising and the issues and work-outs are getting more difficult. Regulators are therefore taking a hard look at these topics:
    • BSA Implementation and Poor Policy Oversight
    • Commercial Real Estate Concentration
    • SAR Reporting* Large Cash Transactions
    • Lack of Quality CRA Implementation
    • Poor Regulatory Compliance Oversight
    • Marginal Loan Quality
    • Capital Limits
    • And Many Other Issues

If you think that any of these may be an issue for your institution, then perhaps you need a De Novo Strategy!

While we are confident in our expertise and ability to develop strategic, tailored solutions to critical banking issues, we never do so without first obtaining a complete understanding of what you need. We do this by LISTENING.

Strategic Services do not always come in the form of the next greatest marketing campaign or the newest product launch; for your bank, the appropriate strategy might involve regulatory compliance or a simple way to reduce customer burdens. For this reason, we are committed to listening first to your needs and your situation, before making recommendations. And it's only after we have assisted you in exceeding your goals, that have we accomplished our goals.