Bank CRA Territory Expansion

Often a de novo bank defines their market within a small territory made up of a few zip codes or part of a county area. All with a sufficient population base to make the bank successful. Then enters in the business mix - networking! Networking between customers or customers and bank personnel, soon the word gets out that this new bank is the place to do business - their service is great and their rates work for your business, and you can talk directly to the people who actually make decisions. The result is bank growth and it may become necessary to expand the CRA territory.

At De Novo Strategy, we have the ability to understand your bank's CRA needs and help expand the CRA territory by providing the data the regulators require - hassle free! This includes demographic studies, census tract data, maps with zip codes and census tracts. All of this fast and in a format that will help you gain approval of the additional territory. As regulators push for more information before approval - this data and maps will help the process.

For a sample map, simply fill out the form to the left. We wish you the best of success with the bank's growth plans.