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Effective Solutions for Small Budgets

Posted by Wendell Brock on Mon, Mar 09, 2009

Community banks are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations, manage risk, and save money, all the while looking for ways to gain and strengthen customer relationships. Community banks differentiate themselves through local and personalized service, but face common challenges when competing with larger rivals. Size, influence, and access to resources are challenges you already know come with the territory. Successfully navigating these challenges are what make you a great community banker. 

It comes down to creativity and service execution. Community banks are not unlike the small business clients they covet. Both must be nimble and ready to respond to the dynamic needs of their clients. Technology accelerates this dialog and increases the demand on both sides of the relationship. Bringing smart solutions to the relationship is what a great banker does every day.

One area having a growing impact on small business is on-demand printing. Most of us are familiar with the common offerings when it comes to business printing. On one side you have a large commercial operation with sophisticated requirements and quantities - great for larger projects. And then you have the big box chains offering large quantity color copy services - great for quick, yet acceptable quality. On-demand printing is like a multi-purpose tool small businesses can use to execute highly customizable, commercial quality, print and direct mail campaigns from a web browser.

We really enjoy working with bankers who get excited about using a smart solution in a smart way. Working with a team of accomplished partners from the banking, print, and marketing industries we created an on-demand print solution for bankers simply called - ePrint. 

ePrint is an on-demand print and direct mail solution giving you the ability produce, ship, or mail quality print materials when and where you need them. Printed items can be personalized by staff and sent directly to bank customers as approved by management. The solution gives you the ability to manage multiple direct mail campaigns - simply upload files, an address list, schedule fulfillment, and complete your order. The service it creates is convenient and the print is competitively priced.

Although you can upload your own print-ready files you can also leverage several marketing templates, such as:

    * Birthday, Holiday, Thank You Cards
    * Invitations
    * Postcards
    * Announcements
    * Letterhead and Envelopes
    * Business Cards
    * Customer Welcome Kit
    * Brochures, Flyers, and more

ePrint delivers the customization and personalization needed to control your branding, marketing, direct mail, and budget more efficiently… you get the big bank capability on a community bank budget.

Learn more about ePrint at

Andrew Anson
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Topics: Marketing, community banks, budgets, printing, ePrint

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