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American Banking System to be Overhauled

Posted by Wendell Brock on Fri, Apr 04, 2008

Treasury Blueprint Would Abolish NCUA and NCUSIF

WASHINGTON - Among the long-term recommendations of the Treasury Blueprint would be the creation of a new federally-insured depository institution (FIDI) charter. The FIDI charter would consolidate the national bank, federal savings association, and federal credit union charters and would be available to all corporate forms, including stock, mutual, and cooperative ownership structures. A new prudential regulator, the Prudential Financial Regulatory Agency ("PFRA"), would be responsible for the financial regulation of all FIDIs. In explaining its rationale for a single charter, Treasury wrote "[t]he goal of establishing a FIDI charter is to create a level playing field where competition among financial institutions can take place on an economic basis, rather than on the basis of regulatory differences." The operation of the credit union insurance fund would be assumed by the FDIC, which would be reconstituted as the Federal Insurance Guarantee Corporation.  "Some credit unions have arguably moved away from their original mission of making credit available to people of small means, and in many cases they provide services which are difficult to distinguish from other depository institutions." Treasury Department's Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure.

By: Keith Leggett, American Bankers Association 

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