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Got Cash Flow?

Homeowners Insurance - So What's The Big Deal!

What's Up With AARP and Long Term Care Study?

If YOU Want to Be The Only YOU - Get ID Protection

Six Tips To Becoming Self Reliant

Understanding the Amount of Life Insurance YOU Need

Four Simple Steps to an Effective Budget

Insider’s Clever Quotes From Wall Street

Why On Earth, Would Someone Insure Their Children?

Personal Finances and The Distractions of Life

But It's So Hard To Save Money...

A Way To Become Debt Free With A Spender

A Method To Optimize Retirement Income

Age, Spending Plan, and Life Insurance

How Banks Make Money

The Only Good Life Insurance Policy

New Neighbors: Bankers Help Foreigners Buy U.S. Real Estate

Oil Prices Head Higher and Higher

Interest Rates Dance the Limbo

The Argues of the Super Macro Economic View

11 Million Wave, Landlords Watchout

How Interest Rates Feed the Pig

Where Did The Economy Go 2nd Quarter?

72.2 Earthquake - Brexit

Our Inflation vs. Theirs

Controlling That Old Dog: Inflation

Bit Of What?  Bitcoin

Its Coming: Learn How to Respond

My Tax Dollars Go Where?

Want to Improve Your Credit Score

People Who Are Still Breathing NEED This

Here Goes California - More Government Control

Stop Keeping Old Income Tax Info

Must Read for People Who Have Bank Accounts

What's Up - Quarterly Economic Update

Unintended Consequenses of Negative Interest Rates

Around the Economics World in One Page

Here’s the Bounce – Is Oil At The Bottom?

Wait if You Can - Savings Coming

Act Now to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits - Changes Made

What's-up with Iran?

6 Things You Must Know About Long-term Care Insurance

Now What’s Floating to the Top: Oil, Gold, Equities, or Bonds

You Want a Better Investment Portfolio – Stop Chasing Performance

Strengthen Your Retirement Plan By Knowing Your Limits

Get the Truth About Oil Exports Without Getting Greasy!

Savvy People Know What Raising the Fed Funds Rate Really Means

New Tax Rule Changes for 2016 – Plan NOW

One Trillion in Debt and Counting...

China Trades Places; Learn the Two Biggest Income Tax Problems Coming This Year

China's Yuan Is Now In The IMF Basket

Who Should Have Long-Term Care Insurance?

529 Plans - An Estate Planning Tool

Macro Overview of 3rd Quarter 2015

Fixed Income - Bond Markets

China, Currency and the World Market

Year End Income Tax Planning

Market Report

How To Stay In The Black During The Last Quarter

Social Security

Chiropractic Leadership

Leadership and Financial Self-reliance

Investment Portfolio Performance

Questioning the Investment Market

Basic Facts of Critical Illness Insurance Riders

Personal CFO for Small Business Owners

What's Up With the 5% Bump in the Economy in the Third Quarter

No Time: Out With the Old Excuses

Merry Christmas

John Smith the First Economist in America

Correlation of Commodities

Unproductive Rock or Real Value - The Gold Standard

Lasting Effects of the Great Recession

Military Lessons for the Entrepreneur

The Sour Fruits of Regulations

Entrepreneurs, The Life Blood of Freedom

Final Regulations for Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs)

Swiss Gold Opportunity

The New Cold War

The Man Who Killed the Bank

Offensive Taxes

Economic Bubbles and What to Do

Social Security; The Qualitative Dimension

Social Security - When To Take It

Economic History - Lessons To Learn

Fixed Income Market - Simplified

The Greatest Country on Earth - America

Understanding Bitcoin

Rising Interest Rates...

Wellness Programs

More Problems: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Offshore Financial Accounts (FBAR) Requirements

A Make Sense Investment Portfolio Strategy

Disability Insurance

Private Banking and Insurance

Alternative Investments

Medicare Basics

Yuck - Life Insurance!

Long-term Care Insurance

The Envelope System

Budgeting 101

Qualifying with the New Mortgage Laws and the Housing Recovery

Social Security Will It Be There

2014 What Will the Stock Market Do

Auto Sales = More Debt

Christmas 2013

An Annuity - Why?

Start Saving For Retirement Now


The Markets - What's Next?

Long-term Care Who Needs it Anyway

Is Converting to a Roth IRA the right move for you?

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA

401(K) Borrowing – Not a Good Idea

Free Enterprise and America

The HARP Program for Homeowners

Fed and the Market

IRS Scandal

92 Miles Can Make a Big Difference


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